7 best web series of 2023 on Netflix right now

Netflix! France's most-wanted gentleman thief is on the run, but he's heading back to Paris for his most intense — and probably most insane — heist yet.

7. Lupin Season 3

Guns & Gulaabs Season 1 is a Hindi action-drama web series set in the backdrop of 1990's Mumbai.

6. Guns & Gulaabs Season 1 

Cooking For The Maiko House Season 1 The show offers a unique glimpse into the world of maiko and the close bonds they form with each other.

5. The Makanai

Sex Education Season 4 is a hilarious and heartwarming look at the lives of teenagers as they navigate the ups and downs of sex, love, and growing up.

4. Sex Education Season 4

Black Mirror turns its gaze on the entertainment industry, examining the ways in which technology is changing the way we consume and produce media

3. Black Mirror Season 6

Kaala Paani Season 1 is a gripping survival drama set on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, where a mysterious illness threatens to wipe out the entire population.

2. Kaala Paani Season 1

Fall of tThe he House of Usher Season 1 is a dark and atmospheric psychological thriller based on the classic short story by Edgar Allan Poe. 

1. The Fall Of The House Of Usher Season 1