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Now Delete large emails in Gmail : A step-by-step guide

Delete large emails

Email communication is a vital part of our everyday life in the modern digital world. Users of the popular email service Gmail from Google are entitled to a substantial 15GB of free cloud storage. Emails, attachments, pictures, documents, and even backups of WhatsApp are all stored here. However, Gmail stops accepting new messages when this 15GB allotment is met. The purpose of this article is to help users manage their Gmail storage more effectively by concentrating on removing huge emails.

Why Storage Clearing Is Important

When the 15GB data allotment is reached, the need of freeing storage becomes evident. Gmail stops being active at this moment, which prevents fresh messages from arriving. Email attachments account for the majority of data usage. In addition to ensuring a more seamless Gmail experience, deleting these files immediately frees up a significant amount of space.

Identifying and Deleting Large Emails

1. Locate and Recognize Large Emails

1.1 Look for Big Emails

Start by using the search feature in Gmail. Type size: 5mb (or your desired size) into the search field and hit Enter. Emails that match or exceed the given size will be shown when this command is executed.

1.2 Emails are sorted by size

Click the “Sort by” option (often indicated by a downward-facing arrow) adjacent to the search box to organize huge emails quickly. Select “Size” to sort emails according to size, with the bigger ones showing up top.

2. Delete large emails

2.1 Select Emails

To remove an email, tick the box next to each one. As an alternative, choose every email on the current page by using the “Select All” option at the top.

2.2 Delete Emails

After the emails have been chosen, click the “Delete” button (trash can icon) to get rid of them. For room to be permanently cleared, this step is essential.

3. Extra Advice on Effective Storage Management

Delete large emails

3.1 Empty Trash

To permanently free up space, it’s imperative to empty the Trash after removing emails. If you skip this step, you might not get the results you want.

3.2 Use Advanced Search

Use the advanced search operators in Gmail to narrow down your results. You may refine your search, for example, by combining operators like larger: 5mb label:inbox is:unread.

3.3 Increase the Size Threshold

Depending on what you require, you may change the size threshold in your search to include bigger or smaller emails. Tailoring this feature improves the accuracy of your storage cleaning.

4. Additional tips

To enhance your search for huge emails, consider using Gmail’s advanced search operators. To filter the results, you may choose search parameters like as sender, recipient, date, and more.

Utilize Third-Party programs: To automate the process of locating and eliminating huge emails, think about utilizing third-party email management programs like Streak or Clean Email. It can save time and effort to use these tools.

Regularly Monitor Storage: Develop the practice of checking your Gmail storage use on a regular basis and deleting huge emails to keep room for fresh emails and attachments.


Finally, for email services to continue, Gmail storage management is essential. Eliminating huge emails not only keeps your inbox clear of junk, but it also improves your Google storage experience in general. Keep in mind to Delete large emails in Gmail affects other Google services that use the same storage. As a result, proceed with caution and confirm that removal is required.


1. Is it possible to retrieve lost emails?

– Emails deleted from Gmail are irretrievably lost. Be careful while taking them out permanently.

2. When is the best time to empty my Gmail storage?

– regular cleaning of big emails is recommended to keep your Gmail experience running smoothly. Try carrying out this every month or as required.

3. Can I get a free storage upgrade for Gmail that goes above 15GB?

– Gmail has premium plans for more storage space. Look into these choices if you need more space than the 15GB that is provided.

4. Is Google Drive storage impacted when emails are deleted?

– The storage capacity shared by Gmail and Google Drive is really the same. Eliminating emails also affects the amount of storage that Google Drive offers.

5. What occurs when the storage space in Gmail is full?

–  full Gmail storage will prevent you from receiving fresh emails. Resuming regular email functioning requires making space by removing emails.

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