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Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed Relationship Complete Timeline

Diana and Dodi Al Fayed

Before their tragic deaths in the summer of 1997, Diana and Dodi enjoyed a brief romantic relationship.

The connection between Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed, the son of Mohammed Al Fayed, is a major topic of discussion in the first half of the final season of The Crown. In the opening episodes of season six, Elizabeth Debicki and Khalid Abdalla, respectively, portray them in their brief affair.

According to Abdalla, “the funny thing is that everyone focuses on the crash,” Town & Country. And oddly, that means that they miss this amazing summer that Dodi and Diana had together. That’s the actual difficulty, as an actor, and it’s also been the great pleasure to explore. They are falling in love, but you are aware of the outcome. Diana looked quite joyful when you look at the pictures from that period of time. Having such moments with a content Diana has been a true joy for me in my role as Dodi, the figure who brings Diana joy.”

This is the whole, accurate timeline of Princess Diana’s brief romance with Dodi Al Fayed:

Princess Diana meets Mohammed Al Fayed sometime in the late 1980s.

Diana and Dodi Al Fayed

Mohammed, an Egyptian billionaire, became close to the British royal family, including Princess Diana, after he bought the renowned department store Harrods in 1985. They had several encounters throughout the years, and in 1996 they went to a charity dinner at Harrods together.

Diana supposedly meets Dodi for the first time during this period, at a Windsor polo tournament in 1986.

Prince Charles and Diana officially divorced in August 1996.

Diana and Dodi Al Fayed

Princess Diana and Prince Charles split up in 1992, but they didn’t get a legal divorce until August 1996. In late 1995, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip approved of a divorce that was completed in less than a year.

“Earlier this week, after weighing the circumstances, the Queen wrote to the Prince and Princess to express her opinion—which is shared by the Duke of Edinburgh—that an early divorce is preferable. Since the letter, the Princess of Wales has been informed by the Prince of Wales that he shares this viewpoint, according to a statement released by Buckingham Palace in December 1995. “The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will continue to do all they can to help and support the Prince and Princess of Wales, and most particularly their children, in this difficult period.”

Charles and Diana divided up child custody.

July 1997: The affair between Diana and Dodi starts

Diana and Dodi Al Fayed

Mohammed extends an invitation to Princess Diana and her kids, Princes William and Harry, to spend a summer vacation in the south of France with his family in 1997. After accepting the invitation, Diana is shown packing for the trip at the conclusion of season five of The Crown.

Diana had moved on from her relationship with British Pakistani physician Hasnat Khan at this time. (This is a list of all the supposed boyfriends of Diana.) Dodi, according to Khan, “She wanted to be with someone who was happy to be seen with her in public and she could do that with Dodi.” “I believe Diana finally understood that Al Fayed could provide her with everything I was unable to,” he said. He could provide her the protection she needed since he was wealthy.”

From July 11 to July 20, Diana and her boys travel with the Fayed family, staying at their property, Castle St. Therese, and on their boat. A subsequent passage from Prince Harry’s biography, Spare, said, “Everything about that trip to St. Tropez was heaven.” He says, “We’d been with Mummy weeks earlier when she first met him, in St. Tropez”—the him alludes to Dodi—”We were having a grand time, just the three of us, staying at some old gent’s villa.” Dodi was seeing American model Kelly Fisher at the time, and they may have even been engaged, but shortly after, a relationship develops between Dodi and Diana.

August 1997: Diana keeps going out with Dodi

Diana keeps attending events after Princes William and Harry spend their summer vacation at Balmoral, Scotland, with Prince Charles. Returning by air to the South of France, she and Dodi spend time together on the Jonikal in early August. It is there that they are photographed by paparazzi Mario Brenna, who records the images for the Sunday Mirror at an unprecedented fee. The images were initially published with the headline “THE KISS” on August 10, 1997, while Diana was visiting Bosnia to promote her work on landmines.

August 21, 1997, sees Diana return to Saint Tropez for another holiday with Dodi in spite of the media attention they have received since traveling to Greece with Rosa Monckton. Diana is shown sitting at the end of the yacht’s diving board on August 24, 1997.

Diana and Dodi also visit Monaco on their trip, stopping at the Repossi store there. Later, according to The Washington Post, “Alberto Repossi stated in a telephone interview today that the couple entered the store’s Monaco branch uninvited around ten days prior to the August 30 car tragedy that claimed their lives. At the time, the couple was spending their holiday on the Riviera. According to Repossi, they were in and out of the store in approximately four or five minutes since they knew exactly which ring they wanted. In the September issue of the fashion journal L’Officiel de la Couture et de la Mode de Paris, they had come upon an advertising for Repossi.

30 and 31 August 1997

Diana and Dodi Al Fayed

Diana and Dodi take a plane to Paris on August 30, 1997, and check at the Ritz Paris, which is owned by Mohammed Al Fayed. Dodi also visits the Repossi store in Paris on the same day to pick up the ring they allegedly selected in Monaco.

The day has been stressful, according to the Associated Press. From the moment the pair arrived in Paris in the middle of the day, they have been dealing with paparazzi issues. They first followed Diana and Dodi as they left Le Bourget Airport outside of Paris to view Villa Windsor, the property that Dodi’s father had purchased and restored and which had formerly been home to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. The photographers were shaken by their driver. “They attempt to lunch at Chez Benoit, but the paparazzi follow them, so they end up dining in the Imperial Suite of the Ritz Paris.

Twenty minutes after midnight, they leave the hotel and head to an apartment Dodi owns off the Champs-Elysees after supper. Their vehicle smashes in the Pont d’Alma tunnel in Paris while photographers are chasing after it. Dodi passed away immediately, while Diana was pronounced dead at Hospital La Pitié Salpêtrière early on August 31.

That evening, Dodi was buried in line with Muslim custom following a funeral in a mosque in Central London. The funeral for Princess Diana was held on September 6, 1997.


There was happiness and sorrow in the love life of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed. The terrible conclusion is frequently highlighted by the media, but it’s important to recognize the joy they experienced together that fatal summer.


Q1. What was the purpose of Diana and Dodi’s trip to St. Tropez?

A: Traveling represented a happy and carefree period in Diana’s life, spent with Dodi and her sons.

Q2. What was the response of the media to Diana and Dodi’s romance?

A: The public’s curiosity was piqued by the media’s careful observation of their every action, which captured personal moments.

Q3. Did Diana’s sons think well of her pairing with Dodi?

A: According to Prince Harry’s memoir, he and Prince William had a great time in St. Tropez.

Q4. What did the ring that you purchased at the Repossi shop mean?

A few days before the horrific events in Paris, they visited Monaco and decided on the ring, which has since become a symbol of their dedication.

Q5. What was the manner of Diana and Dodi’s funeral?

A: Dodi was buried in line with Muslim customs, and on September 6, 1997, Princess Diana had her burial.

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